Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Project Status and a Note on Idiocy

Ain't nothing like a good bit of problem solving.

The project is moving along, but I've got a lot to implement before I'll be happy with it, and I need to be happy with it in the next few days. Spend a good deal of time these last two nights bugfixing, implementing new features, and redistributing said features among my scheduled prototypes. Today I need to finish this major prototype and then three small incremental prototypes. It will still be a shadow of the application I had decided to build, but I gave myself a nondefinite feature set to implement specifically because I didn't want to give myself too much to do in what I knew would be a hectic year.

That's all on the project though.

Today I saw a rather disturbing article highlighting the true idiocy of religious nuttiness. Forty-eight people have lost their vision through what became blind faith. Having heard that an image of the Virgin Mary had appeared on the fucking sun, pilgrims descended on what has been christened 'Rosa Mystica Mountain' to stare right at the thing to try and catch a glimpse of the image. The result? Burned out retinas. There are a number of disturbing things about this...
  1. I don't care if the damn Blu-Ray encryption key is emblazoned upon the solar surface, you don't fucking sit there staring at that motherfucker.
  2. You can see the Sun from anywhere... why go to this specific place to stare like idiots at the Sun?
  3. It took health officials to confront the clergy before local churches would tell their congregations not to go and look at the Sun.
I don't know if it was a lack of general education, ridiculous faith in the Lord, or what, but let's hope people learn the valuable lesson here: if someone tells you to jump off a cliff because the Virgin Mary's at the bottom, think about the consequences before you take that leap of faith.


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